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Transform your idea in an app Android, iPhone or web.

Transform your idea in an app mobile or web

An idea, a new service, a new opportunity. In many cases a mobile application or web are the perfect ally: fleet control with an app, management orders and inventory or customer web portals, these are just a few examples within a whole range of possibilities, which can be converted into both mobile applications (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) and web applications accessible from any computer.

Desarrollo de aplicaciones multiplataforma
Multiplataform development

Applications developed perfectly integrate into any website or mobile platform. These are aimed for any kind of platform: Android, iPhone, tablet or computer devices, the application will be accessible by all users

Quality app

We use a methodology of agile, reliable and communicative development, with a constant feedback from the customer, who though the entire process can validate the functionality and assure the app adjusts to his needs.

Placas electrónicas PCB averiadas y fallos de firmware
Integration with your business

If you already have an infrastructure for adapt new ideas and needs, there is no problem. Our development team, can create apps based in SAP, Salesforce, Oracle or any other CRM

The mobile phone is a tool available to any employee and that can be a substantial benefit. Mobile applications can cover all types of needs and replace other tools that may involve greater investment: check-in machines or code scanning, GPS tracking systems for fleet management, messaging clients, file sharing in the cloud ... all these tools can be integrated into any current smartphone.

Product validation
Deliver on time


The experience of our team of programmers is key in planning any development project and ensures delivery on time and quality.

In Hard2bit know how important it is the Security and privacy for our customers. The development of all our data storage applications is subject to the same technical and security policies that security projects themselves, being key in the final product using encrypted communications, in a safe way.

App Development - business apps Desarrollo de aplicaciones - aplicaciones para empresas y negocios

Example cases for those who may need a custom professional application:

About app development in Hard2bit

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What is needed

The first step in the development of an application is to know what your functional requirements are: What features should have, on what kind of devices should be able run, overview and specific details of each and every one of the functions and features you want offer to the user. The customer must provide all information possible, if necessary through the signing of a confidentiality agreement.

identificación de evidencias forenses

Planning and development

Once the requirements are stablished, a preliminary precise study for calculation of deadlines and costs is made. After the design and development teams get into action acting together to provide an easy to handle, attractive, complete and secure product. The developed application must pass a stringent quality tests to ensure their reliability and performance on all devices on which it is intended to operate.

Recolección de evidencias forenses

Revision and verify

The customer may, at various points in the development of the application, verify the look and feel of the application, so if necessary, take corrective action or change aspects of the design. Verifying the functionality of the application by the customer is a vital aspect in our development program web and mobile applications. Any application developed in Hard2bit is accompanied by a manual and technical support.


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