Business services

We include our services for companies in four large areas.


The IT services market is very dynamic and staff requirements, fluctuating in a business. Hard2bit facilitates and streamlines the process of selection and recruitment providing the best profiles in the field of information technology, reducing costs and facilitating labor relations

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IT Security &

Most attacks/Info escaped are from networks which are based on inter change our critical data. Our analysts are specially formed/certificate to identify the most critical points in the network and evaluate the impacts following an attack.

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The standard PCI-DSS affects every company that work with and are associated with payment cards (credit, debit or prepaid) either accepting payments, storing or transmitting payment card information to third parties (customers)

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Software Development

Need a custom web or mobile application adapted to your business needs? From inventory or fleet control applications, to complete systems for the management of the company, our team of programmers can hear your case and propose an optimal solution to meet your requirements.

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