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" I f   t h e r e   i s   n o   w a y,
  c r e a t e   o n e "

Who we are?

Hard2Bit is a Spanish company providing services in the IT field and noted for its
fast and flexible working methods and continuous improvement.


Managing an organization involves performing multiple and complex tasks. Allocating resources and efforts on tasks that do not correspond to the company business can result in a loss of business opportunities and competitiveness More info

Security &

No matter how secure our storage systems are, no company is immune to the theft of confidential information or the loss, or failure, of hardware. We identify security problems that could be exploited by a third party causing serious damage to the company. And when it must be proven that certain acts have been carried out from a specific computer, it is extremely useful to be able to call on forensic experts with the experience and background in the field, able to advise and help you make the best decisions.

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The standard PCI-DSS affects almost all companies that work with and are associated with payment cards (credit, debit or prepaid) either accepting payments, storing or transmitting payment card information to third parties (customers)

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Need a custom web or mobile application adapted to your business needs? From web and mobile inventory control or fleet control applications, to complete systems for the management of the company, our team of programmers can study your case and propose an optimal solution to your requirements

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About us

What we are, where we go...


"Being a technology firm that operates at both national and international levels providing high quality services with an unparalleled professionalism to achieve maximum customer satisfaction"


"To provide specialized services in the field of information technology audit, consulting, technical support, adaptation and certification- helping both small and large customers solve their problems quickly and efficiently by providing value added service through higher expertise and personal attention. “


Commitment to Customer Success: Your success is our success

Honesty and Confidentiality

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